Fort McKavett Volunteer Fire Department and Community Center


Our department has no paid employees, only volunteers and they are very good at what they do. 


Our fire fighters are a vital part of our department. 


We have a great fire chief that is working very hard at improving our department.  This includes enlisting new firefighters.  Want to become a firefighter? E-mail Terry Mazac at


Our Volunteer Firefighters are not the only volunteers that are needed.  We are looking for new members of our organization.  It is the membership that, along with the Executive Board, makes decisions on the operations and expenditures of both the fire department and the community center.  Our by-laws call for membership dues of $10 per person to be in good standing.  Members in good standing can cast a vote on the issues presented at the monthly meetings and for the election of officers in November, and become a member of the Board of Directors.  We have several standing committees that can always use some additional members. 


To become a member, attend one of our meetings and pay your dues.  We have meetings on the second Monday of the every month except August and December.  We usually take a break in August and have a Christmas party in December.


We also need volunteers to assist with our June fund raiser.  You don't need to be a member of the department or a firefighter to volunteer.  To volunteer for one of the tasks below e-mail Lisa Lester at



As you can see, there are a lot of volunteers needed to successfully run our annual event.  We hope you can find a way to help us