Fort McKavett Volunteer Fire Department
Community Center

  Congratulations to the winners of the 2018 Fort McKavett BBQ Cook Off
a Lone Star Barbeque Association event

1st place Brisket

Albert Brown

2nd place Brisket

Don Kerns

3rd place Brisket

Rudy Supak

1st place Ribs

Arnold Saucedo

2nd place Ribs

Gilleano Castorado

3rd place Ribs

Jorge Florez

1st place Chicken

Rudy Supak

2nd place Chicken

Jorge Florez

3rd place Chicken

Harvey Gebhart

1st place Beans

Chuck Schoenfeld

2nd place Beans

Teva Fraiser

3rd place Beans

Mindy Supak

Reserve Champion

Rudy Supak

Grand Champion

Jorge Florez


All entry fees plus an additional $1,200  were awarded back to the first three winners in each meat category and to the reserve and grand champions.  All entry fees in the beans category were awarded back to the first three bean winners.
Cash prizes break down as follows:
1st place in each meat category: $ 236.36
2nd place in each meat category: $141.82
3rd place in each meat category: $94.55
Reserve Champion meats: $ 472.73
Grand Champion meats: $ 709.09
1st place Beans: $65.00

2nd place beans: $39.00
3rd place beans: $26.00

Beginning in 2019, the fire department will raise the entrance fees from $70 to $100 for one or all of the meat categories.  We are doing this to increase the payout for the winning cooking teams.