Fort McKavett Volunteer Fire Department
Community Center



The Fort McKavett Volunteer Fire is looking for abled bodied men and women to serve on our fire trucks. If you are willing to give some of your time to help safeguard our community please contact Ron Dickson our Fire Chief or Terry Mazac our assistant chief at one of our monthly meetings (2nd Monday of each month).  Be a vital part of the Fort McKavett Community and join today.

We would like to welcome our new assistant fire chief Terry Mazac.  Terry has already jumped in and helped make repairs to our most recent truck acquisition, a 1986 Chevrolet acquired from Irion County.

Our department currently has an F550 Brush truck with a 300 gallon tank. We also have a new truck which we have outfitted with two 325 gallon tanks and spray rig. We have returned the deuce and a half to the Forestry Service after years of service to the community. The new truck which replaced the deuce is much easier for our firefighters to drive and maneuver in the brush. In addition, we have the 1986 Chevrolet two and a half ton with a 1000 gallon tank and a Hale pump that was donated to us by Irion County.  . 

We have established a medevac helicopter landing pad next to the building that will allow emergency evacuation of critical patients should the need arise.  Lights delineating the landing pad have arrived and a wind sock will soon be installed next to the building.