Fort McKavett Volunteer Fire Department
Community Center

The Fort McKavett Volunteer Fire Department recognized that for the majority of time our facilities stand idle.  It is also recognized that the community of Fort McKavett and surrounding areas had no immediate location for community/private events such as wedding and funeral receptions, reunions, dances, a place to play games or hold parties.  The fire department decided to give back to our faithful area supporters by including a community center as a function of our organization.  Our facilities are available for events at reasonable rates.  The money collected goes toward utility expenses, maintenance and cleaning (both before and after your events).

The facilities available include the training room, which is large enough for a small party.  This room has a full kitchen.  Larger events can reserve the fire truck bays.  There are electrical RV hookups if your event needs them.  There is also a covered BBQ pit area if needed.

We charge $75 for the training room and kitchen a day or $150 for the training room and bay. The weekend fee for the training room is $150 or $300 for the training room and bay. The daily fee for each RV hook-up is $20 .

We require a $200 deposit which will be returned if everything is in good order and the keys to the building are returned. 

Groups using the community center must use their own paper goods, foil, condiments, etc. When the group is ready to leave, the tables and counter tops should be wiped down, the stove top and sink should be clean, and the floors should be swept. If something has spilled inside the oven the spill should be cleaned up. All trash must be hauled away.